About Greco Design

My name is Lori and I’m the designer behind Greco Design Company. I’m so glad you’re here.
I've always been a creative type. I majored in Art in college, minored in Art History and got my BFA from UConn. I worked at an ad agency in Boston and loved - and hated - that fast paced, intense work environment. I left when my kids were born but continued to work on a freelance basis and I was busier and more stressed out than ever before. I was grateful for the consistent, lucrative work but it was exhausting. I loved working with my clients - and I had some exciting clients: White Elephant Hotel on Nantucket, Topper's Restaurant, Babson College, Wehnam Pines, Linden Square, and The Cottages on Nantucket. But I was creating others' ideas and building their businesses and I was searching for a way to create my own. 
I started a blog (grecodesigncompany.com) and began exploring creativity in different ways. Writing, DIYing, some home design consulting, painting, and wood working. People started to ask me to make them things they saw on my blog. I realized that people really wanted to be surrounded by not just pretty things, but by meaningful things.  
As creative as I am, I also have a super creative sister who is a little like the ying to my yang. She has a much more organized, classic design approach. I admire it. And I need it. So we've been working together on creating lots of different unique items that just bring us joy. I hope they bring you some too. Each piece - weather it's my hand painted watercolor calendars, personalized wood signs or the beautifully arranged centerpieces she creates - all are truly unique. We find treasures along the way and incorporate them into our handmade items. We're always looking for new pieces and ideas with the hope of providing inspiration for decorating your home, making gift giving more meaningful, and just bringing joy.
So you’ll get a little bit of everything in this shop. And we hope that you’ll find something that speaks to you - and if not - we're happy to create some thing custom for you. Maybe it's a wood sign with a saying your family has always cherished, or a gift basket filled with inspiring handmade items that will lift someone's spirits, or maybe it's a hand painted art print with a sweet watercolor that is just what you need to look at everyday. 
Be sure to follow greco design company on Instagram and Facebook, or the blog at grecodesigncompany,com. You an also reach us via email: grecodesign5@verizon.net.