inspirational card sets

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These 4x4" card sets were all created to bring a little positivity and inspiration to our daily lives. I offer 4 different sets:
• The Original Set - 30 cards
• Graduation Set - 10 cards
• Women's Set - 10 cards
• Summer Set - 10 cards
• Spring Set - 10 cards
• Autumn Set - 10 cards
• Holiday Set - 10 cards
• New Parents Set - 10 cards
• Grief Set - 10 cards

Each set contains a positive, inspirational quote along with one of my original watercolor paintings. The Original Set is more general with the inspiration quotes and the smaller sets are more specific to different audiences and uses. They can be purchased as individual sets or as a group. In addition to their many uses, they make wonderful gifts for graduation, Mother's Day, birthdays, or for anyone needing a little positivity. They also make beautiful additions to your home decor. We also offer our handmade wood holders specifically create for these card sets. Be sure to check them out in the frame section. 

These cards can be used in many ways:
- put them in a frame for pretty and inspirational art
- use them as a bookmark
- add a hole punch and tie them as a gift tag
- display them on a table
- tape them to your refrigerator or tack them on a cork board
- give them as a gift